“We had three days to learn the basics of snowboarding, a sport I had never done before. I have always pushed myself to every challenge put in front of me. Snowboarding was different, it was tough, but all I needed to do was trust. Trust in Kirstie and the team to guide me through that mountain. I remember the lessons, the many falls, haha the tomahawk, but one thing for sure is I always got up. I kept going. Good things happen when you don’t give up. Good things happen when you least expect it. You connect with people for the right reason. Snowboarding has taught me about life so much and it has grown on me, thanks to TKEF. She is an amazing person with such a caring heart.” -Bren Romero, US Army

“I am incredibly lucky to have already met Kirstie…We had dinner a few weeks back and I was so taken aback by her charisma and her ability to make anyone feel right at home. I am so excited to get to know Kirstie better, she seems like a wonderful human. Her story is amazing and she is such an inspiration. Chase your dreams no matter the hand you’re dealt. I’m inspired and blessed.” -Molly Lewis, US Army

“I was offered the amazing opportunity (out of nowhere) to go on a snowboarding trip with 4 other women veterans in Aspen for 5 days.
When I was offered this…I was in the middle of a horrible depression. This has given me something to be excited about especially when its been so difficult to be excited about anything. Words cannot express how grateful I am to TKEF! The snowboarding clinic could not have come at a better time. Thank you for selecting and treating me like royalty!! I look forward to many seasons of snowboarding.” -Lea Bond, US Navy

“You have no idea how much you’ve helped me. The clinic was truly something I will never forget. Kirstie has helped me by advising me on what information to bring to my voc rehab interview. I was approved and now I can go back to school for my MSW! What I want to ask more than anything is how can I help and support the foundation? The next clinic I would be willing to volunteer my time and own money to come support the women and to listen to their stories, or if there are ways I can help please let me know!!!” -Amanda Tallman, US Army


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