To Inspire Perseverance And Encourage Your Potential





At The Kirstie Ennis Foundation, we:
– Provide education, opportunity, and healing in the outdoors through our recreational therapy clinics and expeditions

– Introduce new and recycled medical device technology to underserved communities around the world

– Partner with organizations with similar missions of improving the quality of life of individuals through mobility

TKEF holds seasonal recreational group clinics including: Women Veteran Snowboarding Clinics, Amputee Rock Climbing Clinics, and Co-ed Amputee and Veteran Mountain Bike Clinics.
With each clinic, we provide an all expense paid trip to the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado and several days of instruction in a specific outdoor recreation. Every clinic participant is gifted with the gear needed to continue the new recreational therapy to their heart's content.
Each year TKEF sponsors adaptive athletes to climb some of the highest mountains in South America.
We hold inidividual experiences tailored to specific needs which have included: an adaptive off-roading trip for a childhood cancer survivor, a Sit-Ski clinic for a paralyzed, combat wounded veteran, and gifted a combat veteran climber a trip to summit Aconcagua in Argentina.

TKEF is unique, because we are building a family within the foundation and connect all of our past and present participants to build a network of support across the country.


Your donation and support helps us be a beacon of hope that healing can happen outside the walls of a hospital and helps to get more people upright and outside.


"The TKEF Rock Climbing Clinic was such an incredible experience and I would recommend any amputee to take the chance to sign up. You learn much more than just the ability to climb rocks with the amazing staff, but the chance to meet other people and create memories and friendship. I developed a lot more confidence in my abilities as an amputee and want to share my experiences and knowledge with others." Joshua Nowlan, 2020 Amputee Rock Climbing Clinic

"TKEF is such a great organization. They help and give what a lot of times people with disabilities, like myself are often shunned from and that is opportunities. The opportunity to experience recreational sports and the outdoors. They are truly dedicated and devoted, making those unique opportunities possible along with the support of donors. I was very fortunate to be a part of one of the clinics, thanks to those who made it possible. I am very grateful for this. From this opportunity I have gained confidence in myself. Learning about my potential and capabilities. Thank you TKEF for being so welcoming. your support, encouraging me, your kindness, caring and so much more. It means so much to me. My time there will forever be memorable, unforgettable and special to me."-Kevin 2021 Individual Outdoor Recreation Clinic Participant

“We had three days to learn the basics of snowboarding, a sport I had never done before. I have always pushed myself to every challenge put in front of me. Snowboarding was different, it was tough, but all I needed to do was trust. Trust in Kirstie and the team to guide me through that mountain. I remember the lessons, the many falls, haha the tomahawk, but one thing for sure is I always got up. I kept going. Good things happen when you don’t give up. Good things happen when you least expect it. You connect with people for the right reason. Snowboarding has taught me about life so much and it has grown on me, thanks to TKEF. She is an amazing person with such a caring heart.” -Bren Romero, 2020 Women Veteran Snowboarding Clinic

"What was so great about this was not being invisible. I’m married to a veteran and he’s gotten so many opportunities for veteran centric trips throughout the years. I’m always glad for him, but it’s still disheartening to not get to participate. It was nice to finally have a seat at the table no questions asked. From gear to clothes to food to lodging, it was all covered and freely given. I didn’t have to prove to anyone that I belonged or was worthy. It was so refreshing to have so many people in my corner and realize that I’m truly not alone.:
– Cecilia, 2021 Women Veteran Snowboarding Clinic

"The Kirstie Ennis Foundation offered me some of the most generous and heartfelt support that I've received as an amputee. I was really moved by their authenticity and the healing that comes from being part of a group in the outdoors trying something new."-Rachel, 2022 Amputee Rock Climbing Clinic

"TKEF went above and beyond to create an all inclusive mountain biking experience. It provided a safe and secure environment to allow me to be myself. I felt heard and challenged throughout the duration of the clinic. I struggle daily with my own self worth, but Kirstie and her team assured me that I deserve to be here. The mountain bike clinic brought out the joyous inner child of me and I truly did not stop smiling until we had to pack up and leave."-Justin 2022 Veteran MTB Clinic Participant

"I've followed Kirstie's story for years after seeing a video online and watched her crush multiple summits. I followed along with the foundation, but when I saw an ad for this clinic, my immediate thought was- "I'm not physically wounded, so I'm not going to apply. I'm not the kind of veteran that gets things like this." I slept on it and applied anyway. I got selected and I was ecstatic. I'd been in such a mental health rut and needed nothing more than to escape for a bit and challenge myself mentally and physically. I was able to do both on this trip with zero logistical stress because TKEF thought of EVERYTHING. Most importantly, I made new friends that I wouldn't trade for the world. I left tired, sore, and still laughing as I remember our time together." Andrea, 2021 Veteran Mountain Bike Clinic